Global commerce and payment infrastructure

We enable fintechs, marketplaces and large enterprises to launch cloud apps faster.

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We are Borderfree

Using Borderfree's infrastructure components entrepreneurs can rapidly launch tailored platforms and digital marketplaces for different verticals.

Our Model


Borderfree leverages proprietary technology and IP for rapid development and customer validation.


Business development and vertical creation to reshape consumer and merchant ecosystems.


Our growth and operations teams are organized to support global expansion.

Our Platforms

Composable cloud SaaS infrastructure customizable for multiple use cases

Live-streaming and interactive commerce

Create an interactive live shopping experience for your customers.

AI and VR enabled shopping

Increase conversion and reduce returns through our product recommendation engine and virtual try on.

Multiple On screen

Bring on customers or celebrities to your live event for authentic testimonials. We offer upto 100 participants at once.

All-in-one studio

The Studio broadcasting and moderation app gives you complete control over your events. Create an event and go live in seconds.

Creator Marketplace

1-click sales channel creation that connects with creators to produce targeted videos and events for your brand

Integrated Commerce

Take control of your commerce stack

eCommerce platform orchestration

Manage multiple shopping carts directly on Borderfreee-inventory and sales are always in sync across our 40+ integrated eCommerce platforms

Tax Compliance

Our platform automates the entire sales tax life cycle across all of your sales channels - from calculations and nexus tracking to reporting and filing.

fulfillment, shipping and 3PL

Track and monitor shipping with our shipping and fulfillment integrations.

Embedded Payments

Easily set up the payments experience your customers want

Payment Orchestration

Set advanced fraud rules, view payment analytics, routing capabilities and consolidate your payment stack.

Adaptive Checkout

A beautiful, fully-hosted page that connects directly into your payment flow. Fully customizable in a no-code environment. Local payments, crypto and Buy Now, Pay Later full integrated

Banking as a Service

Create digital wallets for your customers to hold a balance, create bank account numbers, issue cards and top up funds.

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